Videos and Carpathia 2018

Hello my dears,
I feel ashamed not having written anything for so long. So, hope good news is you can see the new videos from our Music City Point concert on November 2017. The concert contained many songs in Czech, but also some in English, including some favorite cover versions. Enjoy them.

Whole playlist available here

Not many chances to tour outside Czech Republic now, but news is, I’ve been selected in 18 finalists for Carpathia Festival Poland again. If I’m lucky, we’ll manage to do some small acoustic gigs aborad. I wrote a couple of new songs and trying to prepare an album for autumn 2018 both in CZ/EN version so, after having 10 year anniversary of releasing „international“ album Lost And Found in 2008, you may have new one.

Believe me, constantly working to have a chance to tour abroad to see all of you, who are waiting for me to come.
See you soon and keep in touch on Facebook or mailing list!

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