Not a revival • not impersonators • no costumes • no circus • not a „career“ … but the rock-party with the soundtrack of our childhood…We’re FANS, just like YOU!
We want to take you back in time, when the immortal songs by Queen ruled global stages with 90-120 mns load of the big hits and also the bits for hardcore fans. We want you to get in the safe place, where the world is still fine, to remember, re-discover and simply have a special time together.

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Jan Vytásek – lead vocal, guitar, piano
The core of the band. There’s no need to introduce Jan Vytásek especially for the Queen fans. He has a wide history as a major performer for the Fanclub Tornádo Queen (aka Czech Fanclub Queen 2003 – 2006), has been invited to perform several times at  Balatonszemes, Hungary (2008). Or right by the statue of Freddie Mercuryho in Montreaux, Switzerland (2009), by the invitation from Mr. Peter Freestone, who became the Godfather for his songwriter debut album. As he didn’t want to build a career on other artist‘ work as a revival musician, he’s released 3 albums of his original songs and several compilations meanwhile, and has been performing as frequently hired concert and event entertainer.
But in 2022 the call came up again. This time by a tribute band, to fill up for the season. And after leaving them, the boat was too far, and the home-sickness for Queen songs too big. So, the solution was to form his own tribute band.
Jan’s focus is still on songwriting and playing his original stuff with a hint of his favorite cover songs around the country. But in the same time, he goes back to his childhood with one of his most favorite bands with Queenheart.

Radek Pilc – guitar, vocal
Nicknamed „Randy“, he’s had his own original project „Mona“. Besides that, a hord of experience with Bon Jovi Revival, which puts him to the first guitar league. Not only for that, he was the simple choice for Queenheart.

Wenca Březina – bass
Many years in Jan’s home band and The Plastic People of the Universe band too. Plenty of acts would like to have him…but he’s ours!

Tomáš Piala – drums
Many years and many battles accross the country and abroad as a member of Jan’s home band. His drums are to be found on many releases and he’s been known as an excellent player. That’s why even famous local acts borrows him often to their bands.


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