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Welcome to my website. My name is Jan Vytásek and I am the singer and songwriter from Prague. You could have notice me in local bands Professor, Lightmotif, PartyLeaders, Co and most importantly with my accompany band under the name Jan Vytásek & Blackbirds, (because who would still name it like & band…) which have been in various line-ups around since 2002. Some of you might have seen me shortly on TV, web series or independent airplay. Who knows.

I perform at concerts and festivals mostly with my original songs and some of my favorite cover versions
and many years I´ve been performing as an event singer at gala events, private or corporate events with the repertoire of world famous cover-versions, added with some of my original songs if it´s suitable. This depends on actual situation or agreement with the organizer.

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Short bio:

Jan Vytásek released 2 original songs albums, received critical acclaim, of Music News Nashville, or Indies Islands USA to name the few, several victories of Prague´s local Porta contest (2012 #3 songwriter , #1 enterpreter ) (2016 #2 songwiter, #1 enterpreter, special distinction of Jury Řevnice 2016), various top 10 competitions in Czech and abroad, several Jury Awards and #2 position of the international festival Carpathia Poland scoring with his original song among 226 contestants of 16 countries. Public performances include festivals and club concerts with original music (several musical awards form CZ and abroad, as well as private or corporate events with a load of favorite cover versions.

Jan is also well known for his interpretation of classical material and pop-rock cover versions, formerly the Beatles and later Queen. There is no coincidence, that Freddie Mercury´s assistant Peter Freestone himself came to support him as a godfather for his debut album, among with local icon Peter Janda, later followed by famous lyricist Michal Horáček, who later became very promising presidential candidate. Jan has been a guest for many local and abroad events and became very frequently requested entertainer for gala events.

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…Interesting and powerful voice, some comparision to Tom Petty, some to Bryan Adam´s style, and his concerts deliver pleasant feelings”.
– Jaroslav Špulák – Novinky.cz

“…As a songwriter, he has true gift for strong melodic ideas. Sounds like: Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams”

– Petr Korál, Radio Beat, Muzikus.cz

“Hints of Queen blended, with perhaps some influence from Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen.”
– Wendy Mitchell & Pete Fray – OCRN Radio/Indie Islands, USA

“…He surprises with his vocals, he´s an artist, that definitely deserves some attention…”
– Jenny Delamotte, Music News Nashville, USA

From the event agencies review:

Jan is a phenomenal singer with unbelievable vocal range, so he can deliver your favorite hit song in proper key with an authentic presentation. Hearing his interpretation of, for example Freddie Mercury (Queen), is truly heart-warming experience. He is a rocker with romantic soul, and beside that, clean-limbed man with great energy to share.
– PartyLeaders Agency

There is a fine mixture of rock drive and melodic belcanto flavour in Jan´s voice. This explains an interpretation ability of spicy rock classics along with smooth balads.
– Tune The Spoon Agency

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