We were shooting the video clip

I’ll write more about that later, but little short with time currently, so I’m posting a little piece of info at least now:
This is a final photo shoot from making the video… Actually, I’m home now, with the motorbike trip behind me.
I’m drained, but happy. It was really wild organizing, I have to write about the details, but the point is I did it.
So now I have to cut it properly and prepare the other post-production things. It’s going to be a video for my song „Angelina“, full of my buddies-bikers, and I think it’s gonna be fine.
Some people disappointed me, some people supported me, that’s how it goes. But I have very pleasant warm feeling inside from the people who appeared, promised to support, and who really did. They didn’t let me down, even that it looked like were going to be nearly alone on the shooting place. Nearly 300 bikers came to show their bikes, and let’s say 20-30 were really collaborative and took acting in the video.
Some part of big pieces of work to be done is now done and behind me…

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