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New videosingle is here!

Hello everybody! You may noticed my new Czech videosingle on YouTube. But don’t worry. I’ve been thinking of my foreign fans as well! Here it is – in English version. Share, love, post, comment, spread everywhere 🙂


#2 place at International festival Carpathia 2016

It’s been made! This time, the 2nd position. I think, in my humble opinion, selected from 226 people of 16 countries… I can call it a little success… It felt great. Carpathia, thank you!



“Lady M” in English finally out!

Do you remember (especially you Rzeszow guys!!!) Lady M of the BWA-the song I wrote during my visit? You may searched for the English version you once knew…So here it is – enjoy it and Share A Little Happiness!!! Let’s make it the Christmas song of 2015 🙂
Share to anyone!


Have you heard about Angelina?

Hey my dears!

Do you still remember the guy from Bohemia? Well, hopefully you do!

This has been a tough year I must say, but we’re struggling on. And I put some things to finish…and one of them is-at last after some time-new songs in English.

You may notice I’ve been working on the album called “Ženský kalendář – The Women Calendar”. This album is in Czech generally, intented for local people first, but it would be a shame to keep it so much local for dozens of Czech audience, wouldn’t it? So I’ve been counting on making English versions too. I did “Lady M” and “Angelina”…And guess what-both are made with video clips-where I did also English lip sync. So just before “Lady M” English video will be released, I gotta one question for ya – Have you heard about Angelina?

We shot the vid las...