There is a kind of stable circle of fellow musicians gathering under the supporting band-name “Blackbirds” (according to Jan’s long-time symbol – the blackbird).

„We were sitting with my older friend, the guitarist by many famous Czech bands (like Krausberry for example). We discussed the name, and he adviced me, that it should be something describing me, something I can be recognized with. My natural idea was immediate – The Blackbird, reminding me my musical roots  of – as I humbly admit – my musical father Paul McCartney.  It is also a dark creature, something like Bruce Wayne and the Batman“. Therefor, since 2002 you can find „The Bohemian Blackbird“ also at So it later became a name for my supporting band like Blackbird´s band)

Solo guitar, vocals: Radek Pilc / Jan Stehlík / Karel Bárta
Bass: Matěj Růžička / Wenca Březina
Drums: Gleb Chuykov / Tomáš Piala
Keyboards: Martin Otruba / Matěj Voda