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Lost And Found



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Some of cd history:

Sometime around 2006 I just couldn’t stand the need for having my own author cd. I had a lots of material, dozens of songs. When we performed one of my songs, I couldn’t address anyone to get it on cd. I’ve been recording since my childhood, and since the release of “Přísahám” single (I Swear To You) in 2001, there was constant searching for a sponsor, producer, manager, as the budget for cd was huge and i sidn’t have those money… In time, they came and gone and I found out, that I would search on and on and nothing would have changed.

So I decided to take it on my hands and found myself a job as a hotel receptionist. Meanwhile, I selected the material, observed proper studios and publishers, searched for the proper sound. I was working for that around 2 years. In 2007 there was the EP coming out (which got me into International Festival Carpathia in Poland) and in fall 2008 I have finished my self-produced album. I had no clue about the proper production work, how things are being recorded in professional studio, mostly I did it just instinctively, most of the instruments I recorded by myself. I was assisted by Martin Dolejš and later Michal Šenbauer. Meanwhile I’ve found myslelf a publisher, who at least managed the machinery with ISRC codes, copyrights, making copies, etc… I designed the cover, and Zuzana Mašková finished it for the print, and later on, Jan Tománek of AAA Studio made it’s fresh re-design. Cd got it’s great Godfathers Peter Freestone and Peter Janda. And perhaps, sometimes it will make ends meet :). But the most value for me was the relief. Since then on, I could say: This is me, this is what I write this is what I did… I had my first debut album…

The media in Czech mostly ignored the album. I was in touch with Music Nashville in USA, and they told me before:”Asy soon as you have the full album, send it to us”… I did. And some time later the great review came. Then the Slovakian MusicServer followed, some American servers and then, at last, some local Czech media. (You can read some of the reviews in the “press” section). Well, it wasn’t commercial breakout, but until now I’m pleased that people who find it noowadays like it. Still, we like the songs from the album, and we are glad that we’re not alone… The rest is history…


Physical shop where you can get the CD in jewel case:

  • MUZIKER (in Prague)
  • But the best way is to check our schedule and see us on the road and get your own signed cd :). Be sure to ask for your own personal copy…

Songs (lyrics download by clicking on the name)

1 Lost And Found
2 Shine Through The Night
3 So Little To Long For
4 I Swear To You
5 Book Of My Dreams
6 Foolish Things
7 Taken By A Surprise
8 The Day When I Met You
9 One More Chance
10 Lonely Nights
11 Summer Blues
12 Jen málo scházi nám
13 Od chvíle co Tě znám
14 Přísahám
15 Bez Tebe noci prázdný jsou

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