Jan Vytásek


Jan Vytásek is the singer and songwriter from Prague. He released two studio albums and received very good critical acclaim, coming from Music Nashville USA, Indies Islands USA, Slovakia and then Czech Republic. By reviewer’s words, his music comes through pop, rock and american country style, being influenced and compared to the style of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Bryan Adams.

He has been among top 10 finalist of several cross-country competitions, later scored twice #1st place and twice #2nd place (singer, songwriter) 2012, 2016 at Prague’s Porta competition, several Jury Awards and #2nd place of the International Carpathia Festival in Poland (beating 226 contestants of 16 countries), Jury Award-Porta Competition 2016, to name a few.

He performs at concerts or festivals, has a long road of gigs behind in Czech Republic and abroad, supporting acts for local iconic bands like Olympic and others and some of his songs made it to the independent airplay and media.
Jan is also well known for his interpretation of classical material and pop-rock cover versions, formerly the Beatles and later Queen. There is no coincidence, that Freddie Mercury´s assistant Peter Freestone himself came to support him as a godfather for his debut album, among with local icon Peter Janda, later followed by famous lyricist Michal Horáček, who later became very promising presidential candidate. Jan has been a guest for many local and abroad events and became very frequently requested entertainer for gala events. Described in short definition: The rocker with romantic soul.

The new album of original songs has been announced for February 2020, with the English version coming later the same year…

The best is yet to come: You can simply visit him at concert, or have him “privately” at your private or corporate event!

See the full bio at http://janvytasek.com/biography/

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