Paul has a birthday!

My musical father has 72 years today. Still, I remember when my father took me to our local cinema (recently I played there). He said:”They play A Hard Day’s Night. It’s a movie with a band, you might like it…”. And there I’ve found Paul McCartney, who became my musical father. Besides, by that I reveal one question-yes that is one of reasons for my Blackbird logo.  I became one with the symbol many years ago… Paul taught me guitar chords, as he’s been left-handed-player. So my TV was a mirror and for a long time I didn’t even know the names of the chords. But mainly, I knew how they sound like, which was the purpose… It’s strange, feeling so familiar with someone who doesn’t have a clue about it… But perhaps I’ll be lucky sometime as one local musician – Meky Žbirka – to meet him… Even I know I’ll have to “breath it out” later…

In time, another important “musical father” came – Bryan Adams, who’s playing in Brno today. (How come? Why the heck in Brno?)

The “trio” was completed with the band Bon Jovi.

Of course, there are many “most favorite”, I have my “top 10”, but these three I see as my music family and Paul is the father who (besides my natural father) taught me first chords…and I can only dream to have this energy and invention in his age. I have good idols… Thank you Paul and all the best…

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