Today, one year ago, I went to buy this beauty, named Rebel, who put me back in the saddle after years. And althought I’ve already switched to a bigger one called Shady, but I still remember Rebel as the first one after years… Which reminds me that it’s time to take a ride…


I Drove All Night (live video)

You may know, that I had some reset-relax trip a week ago. It was lot of things to solve, I felt like pushed too much. So I took a sleep in my car somewhere by the road and forest, far from home somewhere as I didn’t want even to see anybody. When I arrived, I shot this live video in my small studio. I felt like this a week ago. But yesterday, some part of big work has been done and I think we did good job. I feel lot better.


We were shooting the video clip

I’ll write more about that later, but little short with time currently, so I’m posting a little piece of info at least now:
This is a final photo shoot from making the video… Actually, I’m home now, with the motorbike trip behind me.
I’m drained, but happy. It was really wild organizing, I have to write about the details, but the point is I did it.
So now I have to cut it properly and prepare the other post-production things. It’s going to be a video for my song “Angelina”, full of my buddies-bikers, and I think it’s gonna be fine.
Some people disappointed me, some people supported me, that’s how it goes. But I have very pleasant warm feeling inside from the people who appeared, promised to support, and who really did...

I did my Ultramarathon 55,66km

So on 24th September 2014, I did my Ultramarathon…. It means, that by running, speedwalking, run-walk-running and – by the finishing part – nearly crawling, I did 55,66 km on my feet which is 13,465 km more than the Marathon Run… My phone, drawing the gps line died around 42nd km so I had to count the rest on the maps. I’ll prepare the blog message soon with some videos and bills from the gas stations and restaurants I was passing by… I don’t count tha last kilometer from train station Smíchovské nádraží to my car, parked by Yacht Club Na Cindě… This one was the worst… I don’t think I’d like to make it again in the near future… My legs are k.o. for next three days…
Route: Smíchovské nádraží-Radotín-Černošice-Všenory-Dobřichovice-Hlásná Třebáň-Karlštejn (nádraží)-Hlásná Třebáň-Dobřich...