Have you heard about Angelina?

Hey my dears!

Do you still remember the guy from Bohemia? Well, hopefully you do!

This has been a tough year I must say, but we’re struggling on. And I put some things to finish…and one of them is-at last after some time-new songs in English.

You may notice I’ve been working on the album called “Ženský kalendář – The Women Calendar”. This album is in Czech generally, intented for local people first, but it would be a shame to keep it so much local for dozens of Czech audience, wouldn’t it? So I’ve been counting on making English versions too. I did “Lady M” and “Angelina”…And guess what-both are made with video clips-where I did also English lip sync. So just before “Lady M” English video will be released, I gotta one question for ya – Have you heard about Angelina?

We shot the vid las...


Back at the Music Nashville

The one who have been following me for some time, knows about one of my pivotal reviews of my original album “Lost And Found” from 2008. At those times, while for most addressed Czech reviewers I wasn’t worth to reply, I got a proposal from Dan Harr of Music Nashville, saying this: „As soon as you have a full album, feel free to send it for the review“. The album was in English, but anyway, I thing it was – shoud I say “brave” – to send it to Nashville. But their review was awsome and thanks to it, some others followed. And, as the last one, Czech reviewers wrote something too.

But the server at musicnashville.com fell down or was re-created, and some reviews got lost...


Now And Forever (live)

Next one of Půda Sessions… Delivering your first suggestion, enjoy and write some tips of what would you like to hear-maybe we’ll find a match….


Scars from battles…

These days, we can hear about so many “working ethic heroes”,  crawling to their jobs with harmed leg, making sacrifices  for threir jobs.. Just a little bit, it makes me laugh. On 12th Feb 2015, I went through some surgery process, cutting out some big spot on my back… They did it between 4-5pm and straight from the hospital I went to a gig on 6.45pm… From then till now,I’ve played around 6 gigs. Last week, we played in Dresden, coming back around 4am and on 10am I went to a hospital to remove stitches… Well, headline news, does it count? 🙂